Preventative health including vaccination is a key focus of good animal management. Hygieia offers inactivated autogenous bacterins and vaccines which are custom manufactured from disease agents specifically found at an individual ranch, zoo, or other animal facility. This allows the producer or owner to tailor a vaccine formulation to target only problem organisms and avoid vaccinating against potentially irrelevant diseases.

Examples of autogenous bacterial vaccines produced by Hygieia Biological Laboratories include Streptococcus, Salmonella, Mycoplasma, Haemophilus, Staphylococcus, Clostridium, Moraxella, Escherichia coli, Corynebacterium, Pasteurella, and Erysipelothrix. Autogenous viral vaccines produced by Hygieia include Paramyxovirus, Infectious Bronchitis Virus, low-path Avian Influenza Virus, Adenovirus, Infectious Bursal Disease virus, and Avian Reovirus.

Under federal regulations, an autogenous vaccine is manufactured from bacterial or viral strains which are isolated in conjunction with animal disease. The vaccine developed from these strain(s) may only be used at the ranch or facility from which they were isolated. Farms which share veterinarians, animals, or other services or resources may also be able to use the same autogenous vaccine product under procedures which permit adjacent or at-risk premises to use product developed for the initial farm. Please contact us for additional information on this option.

Hygieia’s autogenous vaccines are manufactured under 9CFR Regulations with the same stringent quality control processes that are applied to its over-the-counter vaccines. A key focus in the production of any Hygieia vaccine is the safety of the final product. Hygieia has developed manufacturing techniques which make our vaccines among the safest in the industry.

Since autogenous products are made for individual ranches or other animal facilities, Hygieia staff work closely with the veterinarian and producer or owner to develop the product best suited for each herd. There is no minimum order for Hygieia autogenous vaccines, and the products can be packaged in a variety of sizes so as to best accommodate the needs of the operation.

If you are interested in exploring development of an autogenous Bacterin for your facility, please contact our Customer Service Department at 888-494-4342 or email to discuss your facility’s unique circumstances.

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