Gary Spina


Gary Spina

After graduating from UC Davis with a major in Ornithology, Gary worked for Hisex, primary breeder of Brown and White laying hens, where he was in charge of North American Technical Services, and half of US sales. In this capacity he implemented universal vaccine programs for all distributors and spearheaded a new industry approach to vaccinating against gumboro, a highly infectious and lethal poultry disease. Gary went on to Biomune, Inc. a global veterinary biologics company, where he was responsible for Dairy and Poultry divisions in the western states, and pet birds for North America, before joining Hygieia as National Sales Manager for Dairy and Poultry in 2008.

Gary’s expertise extends far beyond sales – he conceived of Hygieia’s innovative trivalent AE+Fowl Pox+Pigeon Pox vaccine and supervises new product poultry safety tests in the field. In addition, he handles pricing, sales forecasts and marketing for existing and new OTC and autogenous products and has contributed articles for Avian Diseases.

When he’s not enjoying hunting or fishing, Gary breeds show Persian cats who have won Best in the World, National and Regional titles. He is a member of the Pacific Egg & Poultry Association, California Poultry Federation, Association of Avian Veterinarians, National Rifle Association, Cat Fanciers’ Association and Safari Club International. Gary savors his time with customers, and takes pride in “shooting straight, being honest, and offering a commonsense approach.”